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Industrial Use


Automated sand and carbon filtration systems

Our automated sand and carbon systems can be custom made depending on the required flow rates. They are assembled by highest quality components from Pentair.


Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Our custom-made systems can provide desalination or polishing RO treatment solutions for brackish, tap and sea water. We have provided systems for all types of applications, including drinking water and irrigation water.


Chemicals for Reverse Osmosis

We supply antiscalant and membrane cleaning chemicals for all types of Reverse Osmosis plants.


Domestic Use


Reverse Osmosis System

We provide high quality, affordable 5 stage filtration systems which are ideal for domestic use. We have recently upgraded our system to include a very efficient pump to ensure our customers will enjoy a cost-effective solution.


Water Softeners

We supply various sizes of water softeners, depending on water consumption and water hardness. All components are of highest quality from Pentair USA.

RO Parts and Accessories

We also supply high quality and affordable RO parts and accessories.

Our Partners